Why I started the Youth Food Movement

At least twice a month I’ll get asked why I started Youth Food Movement Australia (YFM) four years ago.  I thought I’d post  the answer where it can live permanently on the internet, so that when the moment strikes again, I can bitly this URL and se


Marinating on mushrooms

Love mushrooms but hate how quickly you have to eat them? YFM’s got your back with our marinated mushroom recipe. Although cultivated mushroom varieties are available throughout the year in Australia, autumn and winter are definitely the best times of


Practicing Think.Eat.Save

Sometimes you just gotta go drastic, like reducing food waste by 50% in 2025. There is enormous slack in our global food system, and nothing depicts this absurdity more than the colossal amount of food that is wasted each year. There is wastage throughou

  • June 4, 2015
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