SpoonLed Food Waste Workshops Australia
  • Event Time:
  • Location: The Powerhouse Museum

So you know food waste is costing you, our farmers and the environment, but you’re sick of being spoon fed solutions that are good in theory, but don’t work when shit gets real.

Youth Food Movement Australia’s new social workshop series SpoonLed will empower you to lead the change and eat by example in your own creative way that gets your mates in on it too.

This one-day workshop approaches food waste differently, because respecting your food should be totes fun.

Because we like to keep things social, tickets come in twos! You and your pal will:

  • mingle with other awesome SpoonLeaders to find out how to talk about food waste like a boss (without being preachy)
  • try your hand at food hacks to help prevent waste, and also give those sad veges a happy ending
  • get a taste of redefined “waste” for lunch
  • find out how to run your own “Teaspoon” initiative to give food waste the flip

WTF is a Teaspoon event?

In the spirit of keeping things social, each SpoonLeader duo will use their newfound skills to hold their own own mini event or project. It doesn’t have to be bigger than michelin man. It could be as simple as inviting five friends over for dinner to inspire your mates with your kickass food hacks.