Looking for interesting cakes that aren’t crazy difficult to make? Whether you’re gearing up for Cupcake Day or the Big Cake Bake, or just want to mix up your bake game, we’ve got your batter. Because the only thing better than a freshly baked cake for afternoon tea is one with good conversation starters baked in.

Make your cake with aquafaba

For the animal lovers

Turns out chickpea water is a pretty rad egg substitute – say what?! Whether you’re vego, vegan or an ethical meat eater, here’s a good way to introduce a conversation about food choices and the power that we have as buyers and eaters of food. This vanilla and this chocolate cake are making us drool *dab dab*. You could even take it a step further and ice them with aquafaba meringue.

Ice it with a statement

For the political animals 

A while back, one of our former Sydney volunteers co-ran an amazing cake decorating arvo with a difference. It was far. Too. Much. Fun. Essentially, we put political statements onto cakes. If you don’t have cut-out letters, simply bring an icing bag and let people go nuts (or strawbs or sprinkles!) Bake the change!

Guess-the-secret-ingredient cake

For the health buffs

There is nothing more glorious than sneaking vegetables into cake, but why should carrots get all the love? Try subbing grated parsnip, beetroot, or pumpkin into your favourite carrot cake recipe, or use up leftover pumpkin or sweet potato mash in your cake (this is legit the best pumpkin muffin recipe). We can also attest that chocolate and eggplant are taste-boggling together (in a good way).

Go for a savoury cake (that doesn’t suck)

For the sugar free fiends

Because making a healthier cake doesn’t have to mean using sugar substitutes, or hiding the veggies. Whip up a Swedish sandwich cake and delight in the many attempts to pronounce their name (smörgåstårta) and contemplate the fish replete Nordic cuisine. Oh, and you’ve not only got lunch covered but you’re also the hero responsible for reviving people out of their sugar comas.

Foraged flora cake

For the haute hipsters

Aside from being totally ‘grammable, using edible flowers on your cake will also give you plenty of good stories to tell about your foraging mission, or how good/terrible you are at keeping plants alive (and how much more appreciation you now have for farmers, and rain). Here are a few close ups of common edible flowers (pineapple sage flowers are our fave), and a more comprehensive guide from 1 Million Women.

Edible_Flowers_Cake - Kimberly Vardeman

Image credits: Lucy ParakhinaKimberly Vardeman

Zo Zhou

Zo Zhou

Zo is the National Communications Manager and will basically never shut up about vegetables.