Interested in knowing more about the impacts of plastic on our everyday lives? Want to make a difference but don't know where to start? Hungry to get in on the hot tips of living a zero waste life when it comes to food? Then YFM has got you sorted! We're ... read more

It's a FOOD trivia night, need we say more? Put all those years of eating, photo taking, and hash-tagging to the test because YFM is hosting it’s very first food trivia night. Yes, we said FOOD trivia night, a night where foodie knowledge reigns supreme... read more

The power of being a food-conscientious human is at your fingertips! YFM has tasted, carefully curated and mapped the best of sustainable Sydney city into a convenient little guide - Pocket Power. To celebrate the launch of Pocket Power, join us on this d... read more

This will be a day for those who want to master the art of two DIY skills; Pickle and Pasta making. Two simple staples that we always buy, but are a 1000x better when made by scratch and by hand.

Cooking skills are in decline among Australia's young people, and we want to know what the heck we can do to get the young people of Wollongong to pick up the spatula and jump back into the kitchen.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to glimpse into the world of what we call ‘boss cooking’ – the way chefs create awesome food with whatever ingredients are thrown at them. We guarantee it will be a dinner you won’t forget.

The humble toastie machine has long been underrated as a singular use kitchen utensil, but it's time to grab a paper towel, clean off the melted cheese and unlock the secret powers of your toastie machine!

Enjoy the company of your friends around a fantastical Spring feast while we sculpt you into a super savvy seasonal shopper! Art you create on our event day will be collated into a seasonal produce calendar masterpiece.