Join YFM Wollongong

The Youth Food Movement is launching in the Gong and we're looking for a young purpose-driven team to help us make it happen.​ Join us to connect with good people, big topics and to learn about how you can be a part of building an exciting food future for the Gong.


As a volunteer with YFM, you'll ​learn how to create real world projects, meet awesome people and make your mark on the world of food​. Whether you're studying, working or figuring out what the heck to do with your life (or all of the above), volunteering is one of the greatest ways to figure out what you love/are good at, build your skills as a change maker​ and ​have a meaningful impact on ​the world. We don't care about fancy qualifications or the number of LinkedIn connections you have - if you love food and want to dig your hands into creative, outside the box projects, then this night is for you.


It doesn't take too much looking round to figure out we're facing some fairly hectic food problems in both Australia and around the world. YFM's approach is about starting from the beginning. ​Food education is our game but equally we know that education alone can't change the world unless we put it into action. By creating communities around food, by connecting the people who grow our food with the people who eat it, and by empowering young people to talk to other young people about the food issues they care about, we sew the seeds of some seriously ​important​ change.


No, not traditionally. But if you have ideas about how your cat can help build food literacy in Australia, we wanna hear them.