For the love of food, the power of young people (18-35), and the combination to do good in the world. That’s why Youth Food Movement Australia exists. And it’s what we love about working with our partners too.

Whether you’re working within government and realising the power of young people to make a difference. Or wanting to improve staff wellbeing. Or working in an industry that wants to understand what the next generation of eaters care about. Perhaps, you’re at a university that wants to tap into your students’ passions and unlock their potential in brand new ways.

These are just a few examples. Every collaboration is designed to meet both our objectives.

Of course, engaging young people is tough if they can’t relate to you.

Fortunately, we’re known for serving up authentic, open and fun conversations with influential young people - because our community is made up of them. We’re constantly inspired by our young volunteers’ thirst for knowledge, skills and experiences that can change the future of food.

Let’s kick start this with a conversation (we’re pretty good at those). We know some of the best places around for a caffeine hit, so hit us up.

Flick us an email and let’s chat.

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