“Sourced” is a short film that tells the story of food in our own backyard.

Created by Youth Food Movement Australia and Digital StorytellersSourced reveals the potential of small-scale, local agriculture to strengthen food security and build resilient urban communities.

At Youth Food Movement, we believe we must challenge the status quo in order to support a more sustainable food system by rethinking how we produce, distribute and consume food. Sourced maps out how consumers can be part of these innovative solutions, and the positive effect we can have on the food system through conscious food consumption.

Sourced tells the story of 3 producers who feed Sydney:

A small-scale, organic farmer in Dural, Borja Valls gives us insight into the way he produces and delivers quality food to Sydney – from harvesting juicy organic strawberries to packing and distributing weekly veggie boxes – all to connect people to how food is grown.

Set in Ebenezer NSW, Melanda Park is a free range pig farm owned and operated by Matt and Sue Simmons (and family) and is certainly no ordinary Australian farm.   They pride themselves on the quality pork products they produce and we discover the challenges and opportunities of small scale producers in the Sydney basin.

Located out towards Bathurst, Kurrawong Organics is a large scale producer of a variety of organic brassica vegetables, who sell their produce to a variety of Sydney stores and farmers markets; Eveleigh Farmers Markets and Taylors Square Markets. We caught up with Tobias Bland to understand the benefits and challenges of farmers markets in Sydney.

Take Action

Help us turn ‘Sourced’ into action. If you live in Sydney, find out how and where you can start building a stronger food system by checking out YFM’s Take Action in Sydney page.