Tell us a bit about you?

I was born in the beautiful island which is the Philippines, spent my childhood in the coast of South Wales (United Kingdom) and most of my adult life south of Wollongong. With the Philippines being influenced primarily by Spanish and American food culture, I have been immersed with various amalgamations of foods which sparked my curiosity with the culinary arts.

My experience moving around made me realize that the way in which we produce, obtain, cook and share food is different and unique and is reflective of one’s culture, traditions and practices.

I have a degree in Public Health majoring in Epidemiology and thus I am fascinated by the traditional and modern food culture and how the types of foods we eat can greatly influence our mental and physical health. I am also an avid traveller and reader who is curious about the worlds intricacies.

I am a HUGE dog person, I am a singer and writer on the side, and I am a Research Assistant for Surf Life Saving Australia.

Why YFM?

I had the desire to continuously learn about our global and local food systems and I wanted to make more educated and informed decisions when it came to food! Food is something that brings people together and I wanted to join a community of people whose desire was to make a change, make an impact and educate others. I believe this platform is the way to go!

Favourite food memory?

Like most families, my family have a tradition. During midnight of Christmas Eve, we have a Noche Bueno. This is a traditional custom celebrated by those living in Spain, Latin America and the Philippines. We basically have a midnight feast and mum cooks roast pork glazed with honey, roast chicken/turkey, roast veggies, spaghetti, potato salad, salads, cheese platters, breads– the whole lot. We only really do this once a year and every Christmas we receive delicious short bread from a family friend of ours of which we have for dessert. CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST.

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

I would probably go with a good ol Bangers and Mash, Nicole style. I love adding lots of roasted root vegetables with my dish, pureed peas, a whole lotta gravy and a dollop of butter atop my mash potatoes. Slow cooked, hearty meals are my favorite. For dessert I’d probably have Sticky date pudding and honey comb Ice cream or a really good Apple Crumble….