Tell us a bit about you?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Public Health, majoring in Health Promotion at The University of Wollongong. My love for food came from a young age, as I have been active in the kitchen since primary school. Having an Italian background definitely influences the food I cook (yes pasta and/or pizza is cooked at least twice a week).
Unfortunately I haven’t travelled the world; to be honest I haven’t left Australia. However following the completion of my degree this will change. In my spare time I enjoy watching television shows and movies. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is my favourite show just in case anyone was interested. I love my sports and will continuously update people around me about any score updates with soccer and NBA topping the list.

Why YFM?

I am passionate about helping others and contributing to health improvement particularly in the fields of nutrition. My personal values and belief in giving back to my community align well with the Youth Food Movement Australia way of working. It’s great to be talking to people that have similar interests and understand my point of view.

Favourite food memory?

The best food experience for me is ultimately about the who and the where. Annually, my large Italian family gathers into my Nonna’s tiny garage during the midst of winter to undertake the process of salami making. The three-day process includes the slicing, and mincing of the pork, followed by the filling and hanging of the salami. Despite the freezing cold nights in the garage, the old-fashioned family bonding time and of course the end product of the salami make the teamed effort worthwhile.

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

There is a little café in Wollongong called El Danny’s Pizzeria. My final meal would consist of an extra large meatlovers pizza with a tomato base with a side dish of my Nonna’s veal schnitzel. Yes, I have the ability to consume thousands of calories in one sitting.