Tell us a bit about you?

I completed my Bachelor of Science with a major in Food Science at Melbourne University (yes, I did the subject Australia in the Wine World – and it was great) and my  Honors year in Food Science and Nutrition at Deakin University. After I finished these courses I didn’t feel any closer to working in the industry in the ways I was hoping too. One night I was complaining about it to my ultra-wise friend – he’s the kind-of person who knows everyone and everything that’s going on – he recommended YFM. I started going to the events and supporting the Melbourne chapter. When Upstart session one was announced I signed up so fast my computer didn’t know what had hit it.

But this is the stuff you really came here for: I have a rabbit, her name is Dolly and she’s very cute, I talk about her a lot. I like gardening and my feet are always inexplicably dirty, realistically i’m usually accidentally killing about 30% of my plants at any one time – don’t hate, it’s a learning curve. In a shocking twist of events for a YFMer I also love to cook, when left to my own devices I could cook all day. My dad has always been into whatever weird and wacky produce the fruit and veg store is selling at the time and I guess I inherited that. The other day I tried a Black Sapote, it was crazy – highly recommend.

Why YFM?

It’s really just about being around people who get what you’re talking about, and care about it too. YFM is a community of people who will let you talk about food way longer than most other people, I’d say that’s why a lot of us are here.

Favourite food memory?

Portugese tarts from Pasteis de Belem, it’s a real moment.

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

Endless Mezze (ideally from Morrocan Soup Kitchen): hommus, pickles, olives, flat bread, roasted veg, dolmades, almond Fetta, etc. This is actually also my ‘deserted island with the same meal for the rest of your life’ choice, it’s kind-of cheating because it’s lots of tiny meals but that’s the best part about it and I stand by my decision. Oh also, my nana makes these mini quiche things… those too.