Tell us a bit about you?

Growing up in Hong Kong it was difficult to not become food obsessed. On top of that I had two wonderfully skilled grandmothers who were more than happy to share their cooking skills with me and I was even born at lunch time! So from a young age I couldn’t help but be obsessed with cooking and eating!

When I moved to Australia, the idea of eating locally was new to me – as most food in Hong Kong is imported. But I loved it, and I wanted to do more to help out local businesses and farmers. I wanted to learn more and be friendlier to our planet.

I have a voracious appetite, literally – for delicious food, but also for learning. I never tire of learning new exciting ways to cook but also to tweak my lifestyle for the betterment of myself but hopefully in my own way the world we live in.

Why YFM?

When I came across the idea of sustainability, I started asking more questions about where my food was coming from and where the food system was going. In my research I stumbled across YFM and realised that they were doing what I wanted to do and promoting the food lifestyle that I wanted to live by. After the first meeting, surrounded by like-minded people wanting to create a better food future and to share that with others, it was a no-brainer for me that I had to be involved!

What is your favourite food memory?

There are too many! Every meal in Tasmania (especially scallop pies!). Trying to get our money’s worth at various afternoon tea / dinner buffets with friends in Hong Kong. Dinner at my Grandfather’s favourite restaurant in Canberra. Listing out what food I wanted at my next birthday party with my Mum as a child, months in advance, and introducing my class mates to fairy bread!

Last meal you would eat before you die?

This is so hard to choose from! French cheese and butter with baguettes and wine? A scallop pie? I think I would have to go back to this restaurant on one of the outlying islands in Hong Kong where we would go after a long hike. My last meal would consist of black bean clams, chinese style fried squid, steamed fish, garlic broccoli and dry fried beef noodles, with a Tsing Tao and be shared with my friends and family.