Tell us a bit about you?

I grew up in Cambridge, England as the child of parents who would describe themselves openly as Greenies, we shopped at a local co-operatives, farmers markets and I spent a lot of time at our community garden plot.

When we moved to Australia we moved to an area with limited shopping options and the resulting change in our consumption patterns reminded us of how important our food related ethics had been to us before we moved overseas. Now, being part of YFM, helping run my University Food CoOp, pursuing a research area that focuses on ethical issues in the Australian Food System (particularly an evolving native foods are), and tentatively heading along to events like Crop Swaps, I’m enjoying being involved on a practical level and I am excited to see where our YFM journey goes!

Why YFM?

YFM felt like a space where I finally surrounded myself completely with people who were willing to live out their personal ethics, interests and seek out the curious. YFM is a community of truly active change-makers, people willing to look further than themselves to put their energy, enthusiasm and practical action into their projects and passions. People at YFM make time, despite their busy daily schedules. Everyone I have met in YFM has given me hope and happiness!

What is your favourite food memory?

Honestly, probably just one of the many excellent cheese boards shared with my wonderful and generous parents.

Last meal you would eat before you die?

A full Lebanese vegetarian mezze selection! Bring on the pickles! Bring on the hommus! Bring on the pomegranate!