Tell us a bit about you?

I’m Bree, food lover, van dweller, people appreciator. I’ve led a fairly transient existence following my nose and tastebuds around a lot of Europe and the UK in earlier years. Following my studies in nutritional medicine I couldn’t say no to an offer of a position for a beauty lil not-for-profit with a big old celeb name to boot, Jamie’s Ministry of Food. For the past four years I’ve busied myself onboard the mobile kitchen circulating QLD teaching folk the pleasures of cooking from scratch, the energetics of nourishment and having a good old laugh when things go awry.

My lil mobile home, Elvis Parsley, has traversed a great deal of Australia, stopping to smell the roses (let cars built in the last 40 years overtake us), forage for feasts and sing songs for showers.

Curiosity is sexy, people are inherently good and gut microbes are god.

Why YFM?

YFM is an infinitely rare mix of passionate peeps armed with razor sharp whit, tackling modern issues affecting young people and food security whilst remaining street AF. Needless to say, I want in. A YFM campaign is like none I’ve come across, it’s challenging and provocative whilst remaining empowering and supportive. It’s as close to a voice of our generation I’ve ever come across. Satisfying my love of people and the communities that shape them, getting involved was more a matter of how quick can I drive my 70s motorhome south on the Pacific.

Favourite food memory?

I run mostly on plants but on the odd occasion dabble in the realm of aquarian eating. The ultimate fish from hook-to-wrap in a mere moment on the Bosphorus in Istanbul stands out as that most excusable giving-of-life for ultimate enjoyed experience. Also my name’s both a cheese and an anagram of beer, mums early conditioning to the life I now unapologetically enjoy..

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

My food philosophy is that which I intend to eat most meals in this vain.. The focus of my last supper would be more on the cook than the meal, anything cooked by my 100 yr old grandma is sure to sustain me through the afterlife. Lord knows she’ll still be kickin’.