Tell us a bit about you?

Relatively new to Melbourne and Australia, I was born and raised in Colorado, USA. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking, but it wasn’t until graduate school in New York City that I became specifically interested in food systems within cities. I studied Urban Policy, and did research and took classes on food security in cities, food policy, and urban agriculture. Also, because my career has been mostly within the education sector, I am also very interested in the intersection between the education system and the food system, and how schools can contribute more to young people learning about food and the environment.

Other than that, I love sports, especially American football, basketball, baseball, and I’m learning to love AFL. I will never turn down a brewery tour, Mexican food, or cookie dough. I am an inconsistent runner, but keep coming back to it, and just signed up for my next half marathon. One day, my partner and I will adopt a dog, but until then, I have a succulent named Genevieve.

Why YFM?

I joined YFM to, quite simply, learn more about food systems in Australia and to meet people. I did both through Upstart Session 2, and am really excited to now engage with the YFM community on a deeper level. I am constantly in awe of other YFMers, their knowledge, and their passion for food, and I am so happy I get to continue to learn from them all.

Favourite food memory?

While it was many moons ago, I still have incredible food memories from my semester abroad in Rome. The pizza shop by my school, the gelato shop by my apartment, when I had pappa al pomodoro for the first time, realising the joy of an apertivo, they go on and on. So I guess I’m technically cheating and not giving you one singular food memory, but instead lumping many memories and dishes into one favourite 4-month long food experience.

Last meal you would eat before the apocalypse?

My mom’s pork green chilli, with some sharp cheddar cheese melted on top and a warm tortilla. Nothing better.