YFM Passata Day

Youth Food Movement’s Passata Day 2014

Passata Day exploded in Sydney on Saturday March 1st. Together we rolled up our sleeves and learnt how to turn summer tomatoes into traditional Italian passata that could be enjoyed for months to come. We sourced late-harvest tomatoes from a farm in the Sydney basin – ripe, juicy and ready for bottlin’!

Taking over a Sydney backyard, Passata Day is set to be an outdoor tomato transformation extravaganza complete with hands-on passata stations – think chopping, cooking and blending – as well as tutorials on how to make your own pasta at home. At the end of the day, we’ll dish up some freshly prepared handmade pasta for everyone to share. It’ll be tossed through the very passata made right there on the day, and you’ll take home a bottle of your own tomato sauce.

Check out the Passata Day event we were part of in 2012 organised by preservation gurus, Laura Frangelli and Jess Robertson from The Source:

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