We are pleased as anything to open our doors to 2-3 community building enthusiasts who want to help lead the YFM community in Melbourne. As the Melbourne Coordinators, you will lead the strategy for the chapter, and manage volunteers and events. Read on – maybe this might tickle your fancy!


Youth Food Movement (YFM) is a community that brings people to the table, using food to tackle big issues one bite a time. We love discussing all things food, cooking and eating together, and organising education projects too! We are a not-for-profit organisation with a HQ based in Melbourne and with local chapters in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne; however we cater for all Australians from geographically, socially and culturally diverse backgrounds.


We’re on the hunt for a passionate, driven and committed young people who is looking to embark on a world of community building. Ideally, you’re a person who likes to gets stuff done, has a can-do attitude, an open mind and is able to manage multiple tasks as you go. You’re someone who loves working with people, who believes in the potential of others, and works to empower and excite individuals and groups to engage with YFM. Above all, you are passionate about supporting our community and encouraging people to grow their knowledge and skills to become their own local food heroes.

You will have some experience in the working world, whether as a professional or volunteer, and have some understanding of the current state and complexity of the Australian food system. You do not need to be an expert though. A good mix of strategic thinking with a practical approach is also a plus – this role involves day-to-day admin and maintaining the big picture of what YFM is all about and why we do what we do.

You will need to be flexible and adaptable, with the capacity to manage a fluctuating workload. The time needed for this role is approximately 4-7 hours per week, but your tasks don’t all need to be completed in the one day, will be shared with your fellow Melbourne Coordinators, and will vary week to week.


  • Learn lifelong skills in facilitation, communications, project management, team building, ideation, time management and partnership development – all in a safe and supported environment.
  • Ongoing mentoring by, and collaboration with YFM’s National Leadership Team – Bee Ellis, Ally Veneris, Ryville Ochoa + Jess Gardner.
  • Regular catch-ups with your fellow Chapter Coordinators – creating a supportive collaborative space to grow and learn new skills together.
  • Be a part of our upcoming YFM Retreat, where you’ll get to join leaders of other YFM chapters and the National Leadership Team to reflect, develop new skills and be part of creating new direction for YFM.


    Ultimately, your role is not to be a ‘doer’ but an enabler – a team coordinator with the job of ensuring the team is working cohesively, collaboratively and with direction, so the team achieves whatever it is it sets out to do.

    You could be doing any or all of the following:

    Coordinating volunteers

  • Coordinating YFM regular meetings or ad hoc activities, including creating agendas and organising venues.
  • Checking in with the volunteers, encouraging a culture of personal care amongst them and ensuring their involvement is meaningful.
  • Providing guidance to the team on managing workloads and keeping projects realistic.
  • Coordinating a couple of events for the Melbourne chapter each year, with guidance from the National Leadership Team. For 2019, these events have been scheduled for ‘Toastie Press Sesh’ in April and ‘Food for Every Mood’ in October – so you’re covered already! (But of course, you can do more if you like.)

    Being the public face of YFM in your area

  • Managing the chapter inbox and replying to enquiries as necessary.
    Attending events on behalf of your chapter and delivering presentations/sitting on panels where applicable.
  • Liaising with partners/potential partners.
  • Working with the YFM National Leadership Team to ensure local content is created for the YFM Australia’s blog, eNewsletter and social channels regarding specific events and general chapter updates.

    Strategic direction setting

  • Contributing to the strategic planning of your chapter’s projects and initiatives and implementing short and long term strategic priorities.
  • Contributing ideas to the organisational and strategic development of YFM Australia, in liaison with our National Leadership Team and YFM Board.


    Note that we’re looking for more than one rockstar for this role and this is a voluntary position. If you’re interested in stepping into the Melbourne Coordinator role please send through your expression of interest to us! Include a brief description about you – your interests, passions, experience, why you are interested in this role at this time and why you think you’d be a good fit. Also outline your strengths, parts of the job you’re nervous about as well as the number of hours per week you could realistically commit to the role.

    Please email the above information to hello@youthfoodmovement.org.au by Sunday 17th March, 11:59pm.

    Here is a PDF version of this job description. If you have any further questions about the role, please get in touch with us at the above email address.