Getting Australia's cooking groove back.

Start your egg timers because this October Youth Food Movement Australia is steaming up the kitchen with an avo-smashing, onion dicing, slap-chopping series of events lifting the lid on the cooking skills of Australian Millennials.

We know that less and less of us are spending time in the kitchen, because, you know... life. We're busy, and bridging the gap from toast to sous vide steak is actually pretty tough. Also, Australia has been rated as having the highest number of fast food outlets per person (yikes!). Is it any wonder we're not hanging out in the kitchen any more. From Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane, Western Sydney and Wollongong, we're empowering young people to explore the decline in cooking skills among Australian Millennials.

Get cooking and be part of the solution!

Sydney | The Seasonal Palette

Enjoy the company of your friends around a fantastical Spring feast while we sculpt you into a super savvy seasonal shopper! Art you create on our event day will be collated into a seasonal produce calendar masterpiece.

Wollongong | Food for Thought

Cooking skills are in decline among Australia's young people, and we want to know what the heck we can do to get the young people of Wollongong to pick up the spatula and jump back into the kitchen.

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