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Toastie Press Sunday Sesh

Toast, grill, melt, fry, press, squish, heat, scorch, sizzle, brown, crisp, burn.
The humble toastie machine has long been underrated as a singular use kitchen utensil, but it’s time to grab a paper towel, clean off the melted cheese and unlock the secret powers of your toastie machine!

Toastie Press Sunday Sesh is about bringing it back to basics to create gastronomical delights using only a toastie machine and a student budget. We’re talking more than just toasted sandwiches – this humble machine can cook you breakfast, lunch or a three course dinner with minimal effort and cleaning. The perfect partner in crime right!?

On Sunday 15th October you’ll have the chance to contribute to the making (and eating) of toastalicious creations. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do all the work – you’ll have an inspirational toastie-specialist to lead the way and we’ll provide you with takeaway recipes to continue you toastie journey at home.
It will be a relaxed afternoon with delicious, simple food and great company (oh, and there’ll be drinks available too!). So come along and see why toastie machines are the best thing since sliced bread..

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